Announcing the Dr. Don White Two Man Match Play Championship

21 Jan 2019 2:02 PM | Jack Mackenzie (Administrator)

The Don White Memorial Two Man Match Play Championship

Contact Jack to register for this event jack@mgcsa.org

Deadline to register is April 21st, 2019


  1.  The Don White Memorial Two Man Team Match Play event is an ongoing single-elimination tournament, with first round consolation bracket, in which two teams play match play (best ball net, aka Four Ball Match Play), during each round.  The winning team advances to the next round.  All players must be active members of the Minnesota Golf Course Superintendents Association.
  2.  Each player plays their own ball from tee to green. The player with the lowest net score on a given hole wins that hole for his team. The match is won by the team that is leading by a number of holes greater than the number of holes remaining to be played. (e.g., 4 up with 3 holes to play – known as winning 4 &3).
  3.  The stipulated round is 18 holes; however, if both teams agree in advance, the stipulated round may be adjusted to 9-holes. This does not apply to the Championship match, which must be 18 holes.
  4.  If the match is even after the last hole, the match continues until a winner is decided. Handicap strokes remain the same for playoff holes.  In the event of darkness approaching for a tied match, teams may agree to a closest-to-the-hole chip-off or a coin flip to decide the outcome.
  5.  USGA Rules apply - Four Ball Match Play: a.  http://www.usga.org/Rule-Books/Rules-of-Golf/Rule- 30/#30-3 b. Decisions:  http://www.usga.org/Rule-Books/Rules-of-Golf/Decision-30/#30-3/1


  1.    You must be able to produce a verifiable handicap upon request from your playing opponents. If you are unable to produce a verifiable handicap, your opponents have the right to require you to play as a “0”.
  2.    Identify your USGA handicap index.  Max handicap for an individual is 24 for this competition.
  3.    Work with the Pro Shop to find your course handicap according to course and tees being played for the match.
  4.    Take 80% of the course handicap. (i.e., max competition handicap is 19, once 80% is applied)
  5.    Handicap strokes are allocated as net strokes from the lowest handicap player in the match per USGA guidelines 9-4a (iii) (i.e., lowest handicap plays with no strokes).
  6.    Ask the Pro Shop to prepare a card with dots on the appropriate holes for the match. Please let the Pro Shop know that this is a Two-Man Best Ball Match (Four Ball) when making your tee time so they can prepare the card in advance.


1. The winners of each round shall advance to the next round. The brackets will be displayed on the mgcsa.org website.

2. After completing your match: a. Send an e-mail or text with a picture of the signed scorecard and date of your match. Please include a picture of the winning team so we can post on website:

                    Jack MacKenzie at jack@mgcsa.org


1.  Individual entry fee (for prizes): $25.00

Team Entry: $50

PRIZES & AWARDS: (Presented at Annual Meeting)

                1st place team  - 50% split purse based on participation

                2nd place team – 30% split purse based on participation

                Consolation Bracket Champion – 20% split purse based on participation 

               Prize amounts will be paid out in Visa gift cards.


1.   It is the responsibility of the players to arrange their own matches, including the scheduling of tee times and course location.  You may not play at your home course. In the event of one player being absent at the starting time, a side may be represented by a single player. If the second player joins during the match, they must join between holes. See http://www.usga.org/rules/rules-and-decisions.html#!rule-30,30-3.

2.   Please schedule your next match as soon as both winning teams are known.

It is your responsibility to touch base with your opponents.

3.   If a match schedule cannot be mutually agreed upon by the participants, assuming both teams made a good effort to find a mutually agreeable time, both teams will be removed from the event. The main goal is to complete the final match prior to September 30th.

4.   You can only change your partner before the start of the first round match. Once you play the first round, you cannot switch partners. If the event your partner is unable to play after the first round, you must compete as an individual.

5.     The final round for 2019 will be hosted by Brandon Schindele at Edina Country Club.


Round 1: 31 Days

May 1st

 May 31st

Round 2: 30 Days

         June 1st

  June 30th

Round 3: 31 Days

 July 1st

      July 31st

Round 4: 30 Days

      August 1th

    August 30th

Championship : 30 Days

   September 1st

September 30th

SCORE CARDS: Please fill in your score card completely!

● Record each player’s gross and net score on every hole (put “x” if the player picked up).

● Circle the winning score for each hole.

● Clearly mark on the front of the card the match play score (for example “Newton/Wilson d. Manning/Roethlisberger, 2 & 1”).

● Sign, attest, and date your card.

MGCSA Two Man Match Play Rules 2019 - Final.pdf
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