Announcing the 2019 Distinguished Service Award Nomination

19 Sep 2019 8:42 AM | John MacKenzie

In an effort to make the Distinguished Service Award meaningful to the recipient and the Association, in 2018 the Awards Committee created the following set of guidelines.  Any member can be nominated, but greatest consideration will be given to those who have distinguished themselves supporting the Minnesota Golf Course Superintendents Association.  Date for submission is November 15th.

The required point total necessary to be considered for the MGCSA Distinguished Service Award can be a combination of any of the following.  The minimum number of points necessary for the DSA Award is 25.

The Minnesota Golf Hall of Fame nominee must have previously attained the MGCSA DSA Award and fulfilled an additional 15 points beyond those previously acquired.  DSA recipients prior to the establishment of the new criteria will require 15 additional points in any category based on Committee suggestion.

The Board of Directors and Awards Committee will be responsible for final decisions.

Terms on the MGCSA BOD  = 2 points per term, including officer position, 4 maximum

Officer Position = 1 point per office elected

Audubon Certification and re-certification = 2 points, 4 maximum

ESI Award = 2 points maximum

Support of the University of MN research plots = 2 points, 4 maximum Support of the GCSAA committee members = 2 points, 4 maximum

GCSAA, MTGF and Allied Association BOD or committee role = 1 point per year, 3 maximum MGCSA Membership =1 point per decade  

Certification 2 points then= 1 per renewal, 5 maximum MGCSA event participation = 2 maximum

Civic Community Service points =1 point for each position 3 maximum

Mentor potential= 1 point per professional through superintendent class, 3 maximum Any MGCSA, GCSAA or industry Presentations =1 per presentation, 4 maximum

Any MGCSA, GCSAA or industry articles written =1 per article, 3 maximum

Completion of any MGCSA Environmental Initiative Packet = 3 points per packet Contribution to golf that can’t be anticipated = 5 points maximum

*** The Committee can assign any number of points to those individuals who do not have access to this point system due to placement in our industry.  For example, educators and affiliate members.

Please provide your nomination to the Awards Committee through  jack@mgcsa.org.  Include a list of nominee accomplishments and statement of recommendation. The award will be presented at the Annual Meeting during the Service Award presentation.

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